2017 January Ballot

Alisa Tagg

NAAP President Nominee

I have been an activity consultant since 2006 and an activity director within nursing homes since 1984. I enjoy teaching the MEPAP education course to new activity professionals, and hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a provider’s Certificate of Completion specializing in Aging with the Nevada Geriatric Education Center. I hold the Certified Alzheimer’s and Dementia Disease Care Trainer certification and am a Certified Dementia Practitioner with the National Certification Council for Dementia Practitioners. I have served the NAAP board in the past along with the NAAPCC Board. I currently serve as the President of NAAP and also the President of the Southern Nevada Activity Professional Association. I have always enjoyed working with elderly populations for the majority of my life. I speak on a local and national level on various topics relating to health care and the activity profession. Personally, I enjoy running, cycling, cross-fit training and spending time with my family.

As a member of NAAP for the last 20 years, I have seen many positive changes occur within the organization. As the current President of NAAP I have been able to open new relationships with other national organizations and promote NAAP in the health care industry. I have also assisted in the development of new publications for the Activity Professional. I have assisted in developing more social media presence for NAAP and continue to advocate for the profession as well provide membership support as needed. My heart belongs to the Activity Profession and I would appreciate your vote in allowing me to continue moving the profession forward.

I have strong leadership and organization skills that have benefited our membership on many different levels. I love the Activity Profession and my heart is in the service of leading others in this profession.

NAAP Conference Trustee Nominee

I am thrilled to have been nominated to serve as NAAP Conference Trustee. I graduated from the University of Leeds in England in 2002 with a degree in Sociology and Social Policy and followed my heart, moving across the ocean to South Carolina to marry a charming, southern gentleman. I began working as a volunteer in a senior living community 13 years ago and quickly discovered the joy associated with entertaining, educating and empowering older adults. I have been employed as Director of Life Enrichment at Westminster Towers a CCRC in Rock Hill, South Carolina, for over 10 years and am responsible for the leadership and management of multiple departments across several levels of care.

I have been a member of NAAP since 2008 and have been fortunate to attend NAAP conferences and meet Activity Professionals from all over the continent and beyond. I am nationally credentialed through NAAPCC and NCCAP and also have the CDP and Chair Chi Instructor certifications. I served on the NAAP Local Arrangements Committee when the conference was held in South Carolina, and I currently serve on the NAAP Advisory Council and Regulations Committee. I have been a Board Member for the South Carolina Activity Professionals Association for 10 years, holding positions of Professional Development Chair, Marketing Chair, Conference Chair and Awards Chair/Historian.

Outside of my daily job, my passion is mentoring and educating Activity Professionals: we work in an ever-changing and stressful field and we need encouragement, support and inspiration in order for us to keep striving for excellence. We give so much of ourselves to enhance the quality of lives of others and our profession loses too many people to burnout – experienced professionals and mentors are the answer to this! I have spoken on the state and national level for Activity Professionals, as well as groups of other healthcare professionals/providers and groups of active seniors about a variety of topics including leadership, mentoring, goal setting & achievement, successful hiring strategies and dance and drama programming.

In my personal life I love to stay active by teaching group fitness classes and organizing a running group. Spending quality time with my husband and friends is my most important priority, as well as traveling, reading and cooking.

I believe that NAAP is at a crossroads: the Board have worked incredibly hard over the past 3 years to pay down debt, clean out and update membership lists, build new and exciting partnerships and move to much more digital-focused methods for communication and education. But membership is still much lower than all would like, we have no idea what financial challenges lie ahead and so many Activity Professionals are overworked and underpaid, with no idea what NAAP is and how it can support them. The key to future growth is to extend NAAP’s reach beyond offering annual conferences and monthly webinars and find new methods to enlighten potential members (especially in rural areas) about how NAAP can help them as individuals – whether that is through education opportunities, mentoring programs or simply networking. I believe that Activity Professionals must constantly keep learning and growing, not just in terms of regulatory changes but in ways that force them to think and change and move forward, improving both their personal and professional lives.

I served as Professional Development Chair for SCAPA for 4 years and was responsible for planning the annual conference: recruiting and selecting speakers, making all conference arrangements, obtaining pre-approvals, taking registrations, organizing AV equipment, finding and training session monitors, compiling all session evaluations… I am incredibly organized and possess excellent time management and communication skills. As a speaker, I believe I understand the level of communication and professionalism required to put speakers at ease, assist them with onsite issues and provide appropriate feedback/evaluation. I have also served on the Board of the Shepherd’s Center of Rock Hill for the past 4 years, a non-profit senior education venue for active seniors in my town. I organized and planned various education “tracks” for weekly education session around 4 basic tenets: Live, Learn, Play, and Create, which involves researching and booking speakers, communicating with speakers and providing the speakers with evaluations from the participants after their sessions.

Proposed By-Law Change

Article V.   The Board

Section   4

Change: Term of office. The term of office shall be for three (3) years. Elected and appointed Board members shall assume their duties immediately following the close of the Annual Conference. Board members shall serve a term of three (3) years or until their successors take office. No board members shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.

C. A Board member shall be elected or appointed to no more than four (4) consecutive three (3) year (12) year term limit ensues before the end of the Board member’s term of office, the Board member shall complete the term of office.

Rationale: A three -year term rather that a two-year term will allow time for orientation, learning the position and provide more productivity for that Trustee as well as create increased stability for the Board. Note: If implemented, each year there will be two Trustees elected to the Board as elections will be staggered. This will ensure a smooth transition of Trustees as well as create organizational memory. Another factor to consider is the challenge of potential Trustee candidates willing to serve on the NAAP Board and volunteer their time and energy.

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