2017 September Ballot

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NAAP has seen many changes in the past four years!   While these changes were fiscally driven, they have resulted in self-examination by the Board as to who we are, how our members are being served, and what the future of NAAP looks like.  Some of the recent changes included creating ex-officio board members and spreading out the board responsibility for increased accountability and transparency.  We have taken advantage of technology and streamlined not only our records, but our process of membership, newsletters, and getting information out to our members.  We have reached out to those who have never heard about NAAP and what we do. Our membership has grown significantly, especially with new members and our faithful long-time members continue to support NAAP and its mission. For all of this, we are grateful.

NAAP has returned to a “healthy spot”.  Just like any program, we can’t sit back and assume we can continue to do the “same old, same old”. The NAAP Board is committed to grow this organization.  As a result, when the 2017 Fall Summit was canceled (again, a good fiscal decision), the Board agreed that it is time to sit down face to face and evaluate where to go from here.   The Board will be gathering in November for three days where we will be discussing strategic plans, job descriptions and how to increase member participation.  We are excited with all the positive challenges.

In the past three years, the Board has streamlined the Trustee positions.  We have combine positions and duties and are pleased that there has been success in these changes.  We would like to continue this process and have voted to continue fine-tuning this transition.   We feel as though our progress over the past few years has given us clearer insight into what is needed to run this association.  And by looking at what has been, we have a clearer vision of the future.

We appreciate your continued support as we face important decisions about NAAP.  Rest assured, we are, again, in a healthy spot. We want it to be even better.   We are committed to keeping our members informed and communication is our priority.   We want NAAP to remain a vital association and support to Activity Professionals everywhere. This includes the entire world!

So, in these next few months, you will see some changes.  One will be seen in proposed By-Law changes.  The Board is proposing to make the following changes:   Professional Development Trustee will encompass the current Conference Trustee and will add duties of online eLearning and other educational opportunities.   The Marketing Trustee and the Public Relations Trustee will be eliminated as many of those duties have been moved to the Operations Manager and President.   And in the interest of continuing to reach out beyond our U.S.A. borders, we would like to add an International Development Trustee.   This will create a NAAP Board that will have five elected Board members (President, Vice President, Professional Development Trustee, International Development Trustee and Secretary) and two appointed ex-officio members (Operations Manager and Finance Manager).  These elected board members will be able to fulfill their duties with the help of committee members.  Yes, YOU… our members will be asked to serve in areas of your expertise and personal interest.

Finally, the NAAP Board will not be holding elections this year. We want to draw upon the continuity of the current board as well as strategically look at term start dates, so transitions off and on the Board are smooth and embrace association history.

Sincerely your NAAP Board of Trustees,


Alisa Tagg, President
Anthony Vicari, Vice-President
Carolyn Hoff, Secretary
Jackie Laskee, Public Relations Trustee
Amy Laughlin, Conference Trustee
Vanessa Emm, Operations Manager
Cindy Tewalt, Finance Manager

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