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NAAP, the National Association of Activity Professionals, champions the cause of activity professionals working in geriatric settings. As a dedicated community, we’re all about empowering these professionals with opportunities for both professional development and personal growth. Our focus? To ensure that those who dedicate their careers to enriching the lives of seniors have access to quality education, a supportive network, and resources that keep them at the forefront of industry standards and innovations. Join us to be part of a movement that values and advances the vital work of bringing joy, engagement, and meaningful activities to the elderly.


NAAP stands as the beacon for activity professionals in geriatric settings, offering a robust platform for education, certification, and networking. We’re dedicated to providing our members with the resources, knowledge, and community support needed to excel in delivering meaningful activities to seniors. Our commitment is to ensure that every professional in our field has access to cutting-edge information, opportunities for growth, and a network of peers and experts. By joining NAAP, you’re not just enhancing your career; you’re contributing to a higher quality of life for the elderly we serve.


Explore our specialized Hubs for in-depth learning and resources tailored to Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Adult Day Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living. Each Hub offers targeted insights and tools to enhance care and support for practitioners and families navigating the complexities of elder care.


Assisted living offers a balanced blend of independence and support for seniors who can manage some daily activities on their own but might need help with others, like dressing, bathing, or medication management. This type of care provides personalized assistance in a residential setting, designed to adapt to the varying needs of individuals. Assisted living communities typically offer private or semi-private apartments, along with communal areas for dining, social activities, and events to encourage interaction and foster a sense of community. The goal is to support residents’ autonomy while ensuring they have access to the care they need. Services often include housekeeping, meals, transportation, and wellness programs, creating a worry-free lifestyle that emphasizes health, safety, and social engagement. Assisted living is ideal for those seeking a balance between assistance and independence, providing a comfortable and secure environment for seniors to enjoy their golden years.

Access the Assisted Living Hub Learning and Resources

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Helping when help is needed
Helping when help is needed



  • Nationally recognized
  • NCCAP – is the exclusive national, non-profit certification body recognized by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services for quality of life, activities and engagement certification.
  • NCTRC – National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to professional excellence
  • Study Guides
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    • Live monthly education opportunities with Webinars
    • On demand eLearning  of relevant educational videos
    • Learn your schedule and receive CEUs certificates  upon completion.

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  • Here’s a few recent workshops members enjoyed:
    • Foundations for the Activity Professional
    • Certified Dementia Communication Specialist Registration
    • NCCDP Certification Workshop
    • NAAP Leadership Development Course
    • Unleash your Inner Artist Workshop

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  • PES Activity Placements 
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