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LIVE NAAP Webinars

NAAP provides LIVE and PAST webinars that you can receive CEU credit for.  Here is a menu of choices to help you achieve your learning goals:

  1. Our Current Live Webinar Schedule
  2. Upcoming Live Education 

Also, all Webinars will be available on-demand for all NAAP members.  You can view past education sessions directly from our website by accessing the “Online Education” area.  



April Webinar Schedule



Wednesday, April 12, 2023 10AM PST/12PM CST/1PM EST  

Good News – Enhanced Engagement: Mindful Connection in Person-Centered Care

Speaker: Laurette Klier

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Webinar Session Description

This webinar will give Activity Professionals insight into utilizing nostalgia to enhance human connection, cognitive ability and social/emotional well-being.

In-service professionals will attain a better understanding of the science and the art behind mindful engagement, and will leave with the tools to initiate and sustain enriched activities through familiar, nostalgic art and literature.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Activate prior schema
  • Elicit nostalgic recollection and joyful connection
  • Create opportunities for positive, stress-free interactions
  • Utilize visual and auditory cueing and time-slips
  • Articulate the difference between Nostalgic Therapeutic work and Reminiscence Therapy (RT)


Wednesday, April 26, 2023 10AM PST/12PM CST/1PM EST  

The Art of Engagement: Practical Approaches in Activities for All Stages of Dementia

Speaker(s): Abby Christensen; Rachelle Blough; Catherine Braxton 

Moderator:  Julie Reginek 

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Webinar Session Description

As the number of older adults with dementia needing care increases, so does the need for well-trained activity professionals who understand the unique aspects of the disease and have the skills and knowledge to respond to the resident’s needs.
This panel session comprised of activity professionals, will take a look at activity programming and interventions for persons with dementia in all levels. Ideas, resources and sharing of best practices will be spotlighted to help design and implement activity programs that support meaningful quality of life for your residents with dementia.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Identify regulatory implications for activity programming for persons with dementia
  • Identify activity program design and implementation for persons with dementia
  • Give examples of resources and interventions used for activity programming that support the unique needs of persons with dementia.


Upcoming Webinars:

May 10. 2023 – Proactive and Reactive Interventions to Better Connect Through Behavioral Expressions Related to Dementia – Brenda Gurung CDP, CMDCP, EMBA




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