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MEMBERS ONLY – Webinars will be available on-demand for all NAAP members.  You can view past education sessions directly from our website by accessing the “eLearning” area.  

Upcoming Webinar:

Tuesday, June 11, 2019
 1pm ET, 12pm CT, 11am MT, 10am PT.

Topic:  Time Management for the Activity Professional – Debbie Hommel

One of the biggest challenges for the activity professional is finding the time to meet daily demands. This session will review time management myths, barriers, and time wasters. Time management strategies and helpful hints will be integrated into an interactive game where participants can also share their successful suggestions to utilize available time. Participants are invited to bring their time management ideas to this session.


Tuesday, June 25, 2019 1pm ET, 12pm CT, 11am MT, 10am PT.

Topic:  Introduction to Frequency Rehab
 – Dr. Leonard Horowitz 

For activities professionals ‘Frequency Rehab’ is a novel, therapeutic, cost-saving, income-generating, personally-enriching, science-based program that is transforming healthcare and care-giving by delivering the following benefits: (1) Automated activities such as dance events and exercise classes featuring therapeutic frequencies of sound and light administered in music-videos providing natural, effective, risk-free, relaxing, and entertaining ‘energy medicine;’ (2) Caregivers and seniors caring actively for others applying frequency-based self-crafted products and services that reduce pain and improve overall health for personally satisfying, spiritually-uplifting, and commonly healing activities; (3) Arts & Crafts activities using natural (non-toxic) resources to produce valuable, frequency-resonating, therapeutic products, instruments, and equipment for curtailing drug-dependencies, revitalizing participants, and even commercializing for profit or non-profit fund-raising, public benefit, and positive community impact; and (4) Automated online training for caregivers and activity leaders featuring Frequency Rehab science for intelligent administration and hands-on applications of the aforementioned activities and objectives.


Future Webinars:

July 9, 2019 – Newsletter Design: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Michael Engel

July 23, 2019 – Activity Focused Care – Theresa Thorland

August 13, 2019 -Wellness Care for Those who Care – Penny Patnaude

August 27. 2019 – 10 Simple Activities That Make Big Changes to Your Health – Ellie Peterson 


Here are some general instructions for NAAP Webinars: These sessions generally  take place as follows:  Webinars on the second  and third Tuesday of the month at 1pm ET, 12noon CT, 11am MT, 10am PT.   You must remain on the session the entire 60 minutes to qualify for the CE’s.  After the session you must complete the Summary Form which can also be found below on this page.   This summary MUST be a minimum of 100 words on what you learned from the session.  Please be sure to include your signature by using your mouse to write your name. Once you have hit “Submit”, scroll down on this page to confirm that your form submitted.  If there are uncompleted areas or problems, it will not submit but will require you to fix the issue.   We suggest you print this off for your records until you receive your CE certificate. After completing this process you can plan to receive your continuing education certificate in approximately 2 weeks.  If it does not arrive or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email  Reminder that CEs are only given to current NAAP Members.  Non-members have the option of receiving CEUs with payment for live sessions only by calling the Office at 913-748-7288.

All Webinars are available for rebroadcast on the eLearning on this website FOR MEMBERS ONLY.   This is one of the many benefits of your NAAP Membership.  You will need your username (generated with membership) and password (you control) and then you can listen and submit your review for CEUs.

During live sessions, if you are not a NAAP member and wish to receive the one (1) hour of continuing education credit, please call the office at 913-748-7288.

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