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NAAP Webinars

NAAP provides LIVE and PAST webinars that you can receive CEU credit for.  Here is a menu of choices to help you achieve your learning goals:

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Also, all Webinars will be available on-demand for all NAAP members.  You can view past education sessions directly from our website by accessing the “eLearning” area.  


September Webinar Schedule 


Date: September 28, 2021 10:00AM PST/11:00AM MT/12:00PM CST/1:00PM EST

Topic:  Can People Living with Dementia Read 1 CE

Speaker: Susan Ostrowski MA, MS, CCC-SLP


In this webinar, we will:  Shake up conventional notions about what it means to read and what adult text should look like.  Outline practical, feasible ways to melt away the barriers to reading that many elders encounter.  View and analyze videos of LTC/AL residents independently interacting with books by themselves and with their peers, with minimal staff assistance.  Discuss how age/dementia friendly reading material can foster diversity and inclusion.  Explain how to incorporate safe, social reading experiences during a pandemic.


Register for this webinar HERE


Webinars that are Now Available On-Demand in the eLearning Library 


Topic:  Grant Seeking for Novices 1.5 CE

Speaker: Marie Gress LMSW-Macro

This workshop will walk grant-seeking novices through grant proposal readiness, researching new partnerships, funding
options to consider, proposal sections from cover letter to evaluation, and reporting after the grant period. We’ll talk about writing tips and strategies as well as ethical planning throughout the process.




Topic:  Advancing and Adapting Your Senior Fitness Programming 1.5 CE

Speaker: Emily Johnson Founder & Creative Director of StrongerU Senior Fitness

Whether required as part of your role, or a temporary responsibility due to outside facilitator restrictions, there is an increasing expectation that AP and TR professionals are skilled at teaching high-quality senior fitness classes. In this session, we’ll discuss where to start, what to include, and how to enhance your senior fitness offering to keep the seniors you serve physically strong, intellectually sharp, and socially connected




Topic:  Horticultural Therapy’s benefits in Long Term Care Facilities 1 CE

Speaker: Lorraine Lee ACC, CDP, M.Ed., Certificate UNC Therapeutic Horticulture 

Horticultural Therapy is as old as man and woman have been on the Earth. From ancient Egyptians making fabric from flax and cotton and using plants to help heal the sick to volunteers in hospitals during WWII using gardens to heal returning soldiers suffering from “shell shock” (PTSD).

Today gardeners are sharing their talents and experience to bring community gardens to at risk children. incarcerted individuals seeing solace and often a new vocation upon release, adding nature to memory challenged people in long term care facilities and hospitals helping brain injured and stroke victims.

As an Activity Professional with 30+ years working in the field of memory loss and counseling, I’d like to share my experiences of how gardens both indoors and outdoors will add a new dimension to other Activity leaders’ programming while mentoring facility staff to bring the outdoors in after the program ends and find moments of solace for them as they work in what’s often a very emotionally difficult career. 


Topic: Loneliness in long term care : how to engage residents

Speaker: Thomas Letourneur BA & Benjamin Sumi MA 


In this session, we will talk about loneliness in long term care. Often considered a fatality, there are (innovative) ways to better engage residents with their family, friends and carers. One of them is called Famileo and it allows a resident to receive every week a personal printed family newsletter, written by their family, specifically for them. It contains messages and pictures provided by the family over the past week. This family magazine delivered every Monday is an activity itself. Residents love talking about their family news with other residents and employees of the community.

Benjamin Surmi will explain how Koelsch Communities decided to adopt Famileo to better engage their residents. Thomas Letourneur will talk about how this solution has become a reference in Europe and now is branching out in the US where it is already enjoyed in dozens of American communities.

All attendees affiliated to the NAAP will be able to enjoy a free trial in their community.



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2. Instructions for Registration:

Live Webinars: Go above and click on the Registration link for the live webinar you wish to register for. If you are not a NAAP member, please call 913-748.7288  Extension 1.  Live webinar fee is $35 for non-members.

On Demand: After the session, you must complete the Summary Form which can also be found below on this page.  Please be sure to include your signature by using your mouse to write your name. Once you have hit “Submit”, scroll down on this page to confirm that your form submitted.  If there are uncompleted areas or problems, it will not submit but will require you to fix the issue.   We suggest you print this off for your records until you receive your CE certificate.

After completing this process you can plan to receive your continuing education certificate in approximately 2 weeks.  If it does not arrive or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email  A reminder that CEs are only given to current NAAP Members or Non-NAAP members whose payment has been made.

3. Non-NAAP Members instructions to receive CEUs

If you are not a NAAP member and would like to watch a NAAP LIVE webinar  you will need to contact the Office at or call 913-748-7288  Extension 1 at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the webinar.

Can I get a certificate if I am NOT a NAAP member?   Yes!  You can after you complete a webinar complete the eLearning form below.  Please note:  ALL eLearning sessions and certificates are FREE to NAAP members.  This payment is only for NON-NAAP members!  

4. Complete the eLearning form to apply for CEUs

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