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NAAP Webinars

NAAP provides LIVE and PAST webinars that you can receive CEU credit for.  Here is a menu of choices to help you achieve your learning goals:

  1. Our Current Webinar
  2. Instructions for Registration
  3. Non-NAAP Members instructions to receive CEUs Contact the NAAP Office at 913-748-7288 ext. 1
  4. Complete the eLearning form to apply for CEUs

Also, all Webinars will be available on-demand for all NAAP members.  You can view past education sessions directly from our website by accessing the “eLearning” area.  


June Webinar Schedule 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021  8AM PST/10:00PM CST/11:00AM EST


The 2020 #ActivitiesStrong Virtual Summit was the largest and most successful virtual event for activity and life enrichment professionals in senior living. Following this success, the Summit returns on June 22nd as a way to continue to acknowledge, educate and empower activity and life enrichment professionals. Participants this year will be able to learn what the state of resident engagement will be post-COVID19 pandemic, explore best practices and understand the long-lasting changes that will impact how we build person-centered experiences for older adults. 


  • Understand the opportunities for resident engagement in 2021 and beyond
  • Learn about loneliness and social isolation and how to mitigate their negative effects on the health and well-being of senior living residents
  • Be able to create and implement innovative, sustainable, effective and person-centered resident engagement strategies
This event is hosted and managed by the #ActivitiesStrong initiative, led by Linked Senior in Partnership with Activity ConnectionThe National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP) and the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (NCCAP). 

Participants who attend the live event can earn up to 6 NAB, NCCAP and/or NCCDP CEU credits.
Click HERE to register for the Summit 


Webinars that are Now Available On-Demand in the eLearning Library 


Topic:  Current Wellness Trends within Assisted Living and Senior Living

Speaker: Lori Presser, BSHA, ACC/EDU, CADDCT, CDP, CEAL, MDEC

In this session we will discuss current wellness trends within Assisted Living and Senior Living.  What is here to stay post COVID? What do seniors really want?  Are we programming based on wellness pillars?  Does your program market your community?  This continuing education will give you a toolbox for programming within Assisted Living and Senior Living.



Topic:  Someone Just for Me: Recognizing a critical role for volunteers

Speaker:  Paul Falkowski Ph.D. Human Sciences:  Gerontology 

Long before COVID-19, professionals working in long-term care knew about the devastating effects of social isolation. Now because of COVID-19, social isolation has become an all too familiar term to the general population. We heard reports of people passing due to being disconnected from their families and friends during the past year. But what about the people who did not have family or friends?

Creating and sustaining intimate relationships takes time and commitment. In this session, you will learn the critical components for creating “authentic” relationships. You will learn how to recruit, screen for, and train a cadre of volunteers, who go on to become “companions” or, as one older woman observed, “…someone that is here just for me.” Finally, we’ll look at the transformational power volunteers like these can have on the people you serve, the people serving them, the volunteers themselves, and your surrounding community.


Upcoming Webinars:

July 1, 2021 – TBA

July 13, 2021– Using Discipline of Therapeutic Art To Elevate Quality of Life

July 27, 2021 – Famileo 


2. Instructions for Registration:

Live Webinars: Go above and click on the Registration link for the live webinar you wish to register for. If you are not a NAAP member, please call 913-748.7288  Extension 1.  Live webinar fee is $35 for non-members.

On Demand: After the session, you must complete the Summary Form which can also be found below on this page.  Please be sure to include your signature by using your mouse to write your name. Once you have hit “Submit”, scroll down on this page to confirm that your form submitted.  If there are uncompleted areas or problems, it will not submit but will require you to fix the issue.   We suggest you print this off for your records until you receive your CE certificate.

After completing this process you can plan to receive your continuing education certificate in approximately 2 weeks.  If it does not arrive or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email  A reminder that CEs are only given to current NAAP Members or Non-NAAP members whose payment has been made.

3. Non-NAAP Members instructions to receive CEUs

If you are not a NAAP member and would like to watch a NAAP LIVE webinar  you will need to contact the Office at or call 913-748-7288  Extension 1 at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the webinar.

Can I get a certificate if I am NOT a NAAP member?   Yes!  You can after you complete a webinar complete the eLearning form below.  Please note:  ALL eLearning sessions and certificates are FREE to NAAP members.  This payment is only for NON-NAAP members!  

4. Complete the eLearning form to apply for CEUs

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