Call for Presentations

NAAP 36th Annual Conference
Embassy Suites Philadelphia Airport
April 24-27, 2018

Call for Presentations for the 2018 Conference is now OPEN

You are cordially invited to respond to NAAP’s Annual Conference Call for Presentations. To be considered for the presentation of an education session at the Annual NAAP Conference, you must complete this packet in its entirety, being careful to follow all the directions.

Call for Presentations DUE DATE:  October 1, 2017

The Call for Presentations offers NAAP members and supportive companies the opportunity to submit written proposals for continuing education sessions to be offered at its Annual Conference. These sessions are open to all conference registrants, and focus on topics and issues affecting providers, residents, and the Activity Profession. You are encouraged to submit an application on any subjects relevant to Activity Professionals in all health care continuums:  Independent and Assisted Living, Long Term Care, Adult Day Centers, Memory Care, Gero-Psych Units/Hospitals, Consulting, and Administration.

If you are selected as a presenter:

  • You have the opportunity to impact the Activity Profession;
  • You gain visibility and credibility with hundreds of Activity Professionals, leaders, providers, and members;
  • You receive marketing exposure to numerous national, state, and local associations looking for educated, knowledgeable, and entertaining speakers;
  • You have the opportunity to gain professional exposure to this targeted market; and
  • You have the opportunity to make invaluable contacts while networking with attendees, conference guests, and other presenters.

If you are NOT selected as a presenter, your submission may be kept on file for future consideration, however, your handouts will be DESTROYED.

If a speaker’s session is selected, the speaker will be eligible to register for the NAAP Conference at the discounted rate of $150.00.  Should there be two speakers at the same session, the second speaker will be eligible to register at the same discounted rate of $150.00 (limit to no more than two speakers per session). If three or more of a speaker’s sessions are selected, that speaker will receive a full complimentary registration; any additional speaker (speaker must be presenting all three or more of the same sessions) will be eligible to receive a full complimentary registration as well. This special registration includes all conference activities and functions with the EXCEPTION of Pre- Conference and Post-Conference Sessions and the State/International Contact Meeting. All SPEAKERS MUST complete the registration form and send it, with the stated fees for the conference, no LATER than one month prior to the conference, in order to confirm your attendance.

Note that NAAP does not pay an honorarium, or reimburse for meals, lodging, or transportation. NAAP does not reimburse expenses or provide admission to ANY conference activities for family members, assistants, or guests who accompany a speaker.


All proposals shall be reviewed and evaluated by a selected committee of NAAP members. Topics and speakers shall be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Topic must be relevant to activity programming in settings with primarily geriatric clients/focus, or pertain to personal growth and/or professional development;
  • Proposed session(s) must be at least sixty (60) minutes in length;
  • Speakers must have Qualifications/Credentials;
  • Speakers must have Education/Academia Preparation;
  • Speakers must submit a minimum of two written letters of reference;
  • Applications MUST be fully completed as instructed. The submission format MUST be strictly adhered to – incomplete applications shall automatically disqualify a speaker for consideration;
  • Speakers MUST refrain from marketing personal products or services during the presentation;
  • Speakers should plan their speaking schedule to include a “meet and greet” for session attendees, and allow time following the session to answer the attendees’ additional questions;
  • Speakers MUST dress in a professional manner; and
  • Chosen session topics MUST be the session content at the conference. Changes in content, speakers, or session outlines are not allowed due to stringent education approval requirements. There can be no deviation from the original proposal.

If your proposal is accepted for the 2018 Annual Conference, a written confirmation shall be provided, along with pertinent session date and time information, after November 1, 2017.


In the event of an illness or emergency, you must notify the Conference Trustee,


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