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Membership form

Welcome to the NAAP registration system.

If you are already a NAAP member, please LOG IN first to renew.  Once logged in, you can go right to the “upgrade or change your subscription or renew your subscriptions”.  This will allow you to keep the same username and password.

For both new and returning members, you will fill out a form with your information. This allows NAAP to keep your information current.

If you are paying by credit card, your membership will become active within 1-2 days. You will receive an email confirming this.  If you are paying by check, your membership will be active once the check is received and processed and you receive confirmation from the Office via email.

If when you enter your credit card, you “time out” or have a little wheel that keeps on a turning… try using a different browser. We suggest Chrome or Safari.  We are finding many facilities either have firewalls or incompatible browsers. Entering your contact information may happen… if it does, it’s ok.  It doesn’t double pay!

For corporate memberships or problems with this web form please contact

If you would like a membership certificate emailed to you, please contact the and one will be emailed to you to print off.

There are no refunds on membership.

NAAP membership is $75 USD/year.
Membership runs from anniversary date for one year. Anniversary date begins when payment is processed.

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