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On Demand Learning

2022 NAAP Conference Expert Panel – Mental Health
2 Ways to Spark your Creativity and Inspire Residents
5 Proactive and Reactive Interventions to Better Connect Through Behavioral Expressions Related to Dementia
A Dose of Engagement Goes a Long Way for People Living with Dementia
An Exercise in Humility: Applying the Humble Approach to Work and Home
Activity Focused Care
Advancing and Adapting your Senior Fitness Programming

American Parkinson Disease Association
At the Intersection of Nature & Poetry: Wellness Strategies
Behavioral Insights: Understanding a Clinical and Social Approach
Benefits of Creative Experiences for Older Adults
Best Practices for Social Media and Policies
Beyond Words: Therapeutic Art for Dementia
Brain and Body Fitness; Tackling the two-headed dragon of aging
Bringing Care Outdoors: The Benefits of Sensory Engagement with Nature for Older Adults, Care Partners and Engagement Professionals

Calendar Building Panel
Can People Living with Dementia Read
Cognitive Wellness When Living with Dementia: What Works?
Creating Culture within the Social Model of Care
Cultivating Resident Engagement in Activities: A Panel with Practical Insights from Engagement Leaders
Customer Service the Activity Way
Developing a Hands-On Gardening Program
Dignity of Person

Elevating Volunteer Engagement in Long-Term Care Communities
Empowering the Spirit: Meeting the Spiritual Needs of a Diverse Resident Population
Enhanced Engagement: Mindful Connection in Person-Centered Care
Ethics and Leadership
Evidence-Based Guided Meditation for Persons with Cognitive Impairment
Finding Balance Between Fame and Reality
Food and Drink in Fun and Meaningful Programming
Good News – Positive sources for Current Affairs Programming
Got Tech? How to Get Older People to Use it
How to Survive Dysfunctional Teams
Humanitude – A Care Methodology for Wellbeing
Inspiring and Innovating Through Connected Autonomy: Lessons from Seniors Junction
Integrating Brain Health Exercises for our Seniors
Introduction to Music Prescriptions for Active Aging

Let Brains Play! The Why, What and How of Play-based Cognitive Wellness Activities
Magical Magnificent Moments via Music
Make Your Partner Look Good: Re-Phrasing and Re-Framing: A focus on psycholinguistics
Making your Visits Count
Manage Stress, Reduce Burnout and Thrive in the Workplace
Managing Time, Space, and People in Activities
Meaningfully Engage Individuals in their rooms – especially those living with dementia
Navigating the Future as a Quality of Life Champion
Person Centered Engagement Programs
Power of Classical Music
Power UP and Perform – Find Energy Drains and ReCharge
Practical Tips for Designing Online or Blended Learning Part 1
Practical Tips for Designing Online or Blended Learning Part 2
Prezi for Beginners
Recreation Prescription for Older Adults in Social Isolation
Self-care with Meditative Movements
Selling your Volunteer Program to Leadership
Senior Living: Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring
Seniors; Yes, They can be Bullies too
Social Based Brain Training Activities for Those Living with Dementia
Someone Just for Me: Recognizing a Critical Role for Volunteers
Summer Fun
The Art & Science of Becoming a Cognitive Activity Professional
The Art of Engagement: Practical Approaches in Activities for All Stages of Dementia
The Importance of You
The Power of Christmas Carols
The Power of Film Music
The Power of Opera
Time Management
Time Management
Transforming Day One for Seniors and Their Families
True Relationships Build Engagement/Empowerment – The Value of Finding Your TRIBE
Using Discipline of Therapeautic Art to Elevate Quality of Life
Volunteer Program Management: A Practical Approach
Webinar Panel with NAAP Special Projects Committee – Self Advocacy
Wellness Care for Those Who Care
What’s Really Important? Dissertation Results
Why Meaningful Engagement Matters

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