NAAP Conference

2021 NAAP Conference Update

During the NAAP Board Mid-Year Meeting, the decision was made to cancel the in-person NAAP conference scheduled for April 2021 in Bloomington, MN. We were concerned for the safety of NAAP members as they traveled to the conference and gathered together in a world where COVID is still likely to pose a huge threat. We did not know if MN would have restrictions on the numbers that could physically be together in one room, and we were worried that although a vaccine may be available, some attendees may not have had access to it or chosen to take it. We also did not want to put NAAP at risk for a financial loss if we waited until the New Year to make the decision to cancel the conference. And we wanted to ensure that the Minnesota NAAP members had the opportunity to have the BEST possible NAAP conference in their home state, one hopefully unimpeded by a pandemic. With all these reasons in mind, we were able to negotiate with the hotel and move the conference to April 5-8, 2022. NAAP will be working with our newly formed Education Council to offer a number of different virtual education opportunities throughout 2021 to ensure that NAAP members have access to high-quality education geared specifically to Activity Professionals.


The NAAP Board is very much looking forward to being in Minnesota in 2022 and we appreciate your support as we make changes in the interest of health and well-being.

Posted 11.17.2020



NAAP  Annual Conference
Crown Plaza
Bloomington, MN
Located directly across from the Minneapolis Int’l Airport
April 5-8, 2022


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