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If you did not login before clicking on the Quiz, you’ll need to login a second time below and then access the On Demand learning page.

Welcome NAAP member!  We are glad to have you part of NAAP.  Once logged in, you will see your membership information.

Return to the HOME Button (upper top right corner^)  and you will come back to the NAAP Menu page.

Our monthly Webinars are “live”.   They are then made available as “on demand sessions’ and you can also obtain continuing education certificates by listening to the entire session and following the prompts to take the test.  Once the 2-5 question quiz is completely correctly, you will receive a certificate of attendance.  Visit our Toolbox for many resources, including relevant articles pertaining to the Activity Profession.

If you are renewing your membership: If when you enter your credit card, you “time out” or have a little wheel that keeps on a turning… try using a different browser. We suggest Chrome or Safari.  We are finding many facilities either have firewalls or incompatible browsers. Entering your contact information may happen… if it does, it’s ok.  It doesn’t double pay!

Membership is $85 per year and is active one year from either your renewal date or if already expired, one year from payment.

You can download your receipt on this page under “membership information” once payment is made. 

If you would like a certificate of membership emailed to you, please email to request.

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