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Profession and Leadership

NAAP On-Demand Education Page

Welcome to NAAP’s on-demand education page!  Education FOR Activity Professionals BY Activity Professionals

NAAP Members can access any of the NAAP’s on-demand webinars and receive a certificate of completion for 1 CE when successfully completing the evaluation quiz that follows the webinar. 

The following on-demand sessions have been recorded from our monthly live webinars. They are not edited down and may include breaks in content where instructors elicited responses from participants or to fix technical issues. Every attempt has been made to ensure the highest quality.

Webinar FAQ

Activity Profession and Leadership

Self-care with Meditative Movements
Navigating the Future as a Quality of Life Champion
The Importance of You
Finding Balance Between Fame and Reality
Ethics and Leadership
Best Practices for Social Media and Policies
Bullies in Older Adult Care Setting – A Rising Concern
Wellness Care for Those Who Care
Time Management
PDPM Engagement and Documenation
Customer Service the Activity Way
Combating the COVID-19 Blues
An Exercise in Humility: Applying the Humble Approach to Work and Home
Power UP and Perform – Find Energy Drains and ReCharge
Lessons Post Covid
Current Wellness Trends within Assisting Living and Senior Living
Why Meaningful Engagement Matters
Supporting Residents’ Rights and Quality of Life in a Time of COVID
Grant Seeking for Novices
Selling your Volunteer Program to Leadership
Someone Just for Me: Recognizing a Critical Role for Volunteers
Empowering the Spirit: Meeting the Spiritual Needs of a Diverse Resident Population

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