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NAAP On-Demand Education Page

Welcome to NAAP’s on-demand education page!  Education FOR Activity Professionals BY Activity Professionals

NAAP Members can access any of the NAAP’s on-demand webinars and receive a certificate of completion for 1 CE when successfully completing the evaluation quiz that follows the webinar. 

The following on-demand sessions have been recorded from our monthly live webinars. They are not edited down and may include breaks in content where instructors elicited responses from participants or to fix technical issues. Every attempt has been made to ensure the highest quality.

Webinar FAQ


2 Ways to Spark your Creativity and Inspire Residents
Activity Focused Care
Advancing and Adapting your Senior Fitness Programming

At the Intersection of Nature & Poetry: Wellness Strategies
Benefits of Creative Experiences for Older Adults
Brain and Body Fitness; Tackling the two-headed dragon of aging
Bringing Care Outdoors: The Benefits of Sensory Engagement with Nature for Older Adults, Care Partners and Engagement Professionals
Cultivating Resident Engagement in Activities: A Panel with Practical Insights from Engagement Leaders
Designing for Connection: Creative Engagement Programs
Developing a Hands-On Gardening Program
Dignity of Person
Doll Therapy – International Session Japan
Elevating Volunteer Engagement in Long-Term Care Communities
Enhanced Engagement: Mindful Connection in Person-Centered Care
Food and Drink in Fun and Meaningful Programming
Good News – Positive sources for Current Affairs Programming
Got Tech? How to Get Older People to Use it
Independent Living Activities – Bridging the Generations
Inspiring and Innovating Through Connected Autonomy: Lessons from Seniors Junction
Integrating Brain Health Exercises for our Seniors
Introduction to Music Prescriptions for Active Aging
Magical Magnificent Moments via Music
Making your Visits Count
Person Centered Engagement Programs
Power of Classical Music
Putting the JOY back in Joyride and How to Survive Them
Seniors; Yes, They can be Bullies too
Staying Sane Through the Holidays
Summer Fun
The Art & Science of Becoming a Cognitive Activity Professional
The Power of Ballet Music
The Power of Christmas Carols
The Power of Film Music
The Power of Opera
Transforming Day One for Seniors and Their Families
True Relationships Build Engagement/Empowerment – The Value of Finding Your TRIBE
Tour of the Universe
Using Discipline of Therapeautic Art to Elevate Quality of Life
Volunteer Program Management: A Practical Approach

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